Beer bomb at home.

I would like to start off with this. I am not, by any means an expert at the craft of home brewing.  In fact, I am rather a noob to the whole experience.  I have found it to be an outlet, and a way to find peace, in my otherwise crazy day to day.  What started as a simple hobby has turned into an obsession.  And now, as I have gained valuable knowledge, it has grown into a passion. 

I would like to relive with you, my very first brew experience.   Like most, I had very basic equipment and nothing more than simple instructions to go by.  I started with a simple extract “beer kit”. I figured it would be the easiest way to start this adventure. After cruising the interwebs, I finally settled on a chocolate oatmeal stout. It sounded good and being a fan of dark beers, I jumped on it. 

The brewing process was simple and straight forward. Steep this, add this, and then this, and finally add that. Beginners luck held true and my hot break was caught before it decided to boil over.  Not being fully prepared all I had was a five gallon plastic water jug to use as a fermentor. Now I know alot of folks use these, but I didn’t consider one simple fact. 5 gallons of liquid in a five gallon container doesn’t leave much room for expansion. Couple that with one piece airlock that is known to clog and you have the makings of a huge mess.

Now, let me be clear, a bit of a mess may be expected from time to time.  But not an explosion of beer and foam on this grand of a scale.  I was fortunate enough to hear the loud pop… and went into the craft room to investigate. The mayhem that ensued was one of sheer pandemonium.   Beer and foam covered everything from the White carpet to the ceiling was a horrid sight of beer and foam.  Thank goodness my woman was sound asleep and didn’t witness the horror. After a three hour clean up, I discovered my airlock and plug were missing. Upon retrieval, I instantly saw what had caused this major beerspolsion.   The airlock had clogged solid…

After that, the whole process was smooth sailing, and the final product was one any first time brewer would have been proud of. From then on, I was hooked.

I will continue to chronicle my adventures in this new territory and keep everyone up to date. 


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