failed attempt to brew

It is with a heavy heart I must confess… my first batch of all grain is toast… I should have took a bit more of a look in ingredients and yeast choice.  A simple misunderstanding to this little project from what it should have been to a bitter tasting mess.

A few degrees means life or death in most brewing settings and boy, was I way off. It was never cold enough. Perhaps if I would have had my ex sit in the room with it,  the icy chill from where her heart should have been would have done it.   But alas, I have moved upward and forward. All there is left to do is pour this failed experiment down the drain, clean up, refresh my head and start over.


2 thoughts on “failed attempt to brew

  1. It happens. The devil is in the details. You should have seen the results of my first all grain mash. Smelled like the backside of a old Hereford bull in the Texas heat!

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