Back in the saddle again.

Lasts nights reflection during my brew process brought something to my attention.  I, although disappointed,  won’t quit. I can’t. It’s become an addiction to brew.

Last night’s beer brew went off without a hitch. Even after pouring five gallons down the drain. Well… almost without a hitch.  I did drop about half my hops at one point, but other than that it went as planned. As you can see, by the video at the top, brew is bubbling up nicely and picking up steam. By mid June it will be bottled and enjoyed. I am looking forward to a cool pale ale during the warm summer days.

But enough of that. The real purpose of this post is to put my latest plan out there.  I am planning and designing a wort chiller.  I will post the plans as soon as it’s built and tested. I have figured on some simple materials and with luck this will work out nicely. Until then….


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